17 Year-old Girl Sentenced to Life for Killing Abuser

Girl sentenced to life in prison for role in murder at Akron drug, prostitution house

AKRON, Ohio — A judge sentenced a 17-year-old girl to life in prison Tuesday for helping a group kill a man who ran a house described as a den of drugs and under-aged prostitution. Alexis K. Martin of Canton was sentenced by Summit County Common Pleas Judge Tom Parker in the November 2013 death of 35-year-old Angelo Kerney.

Alexis k Martin was convicted of murder robbery & many other charges at only the age of 15 … She was sex traffic , rapped , drugged & many other things by a 36 year old man . Was forced to have sex with many men & women & when she wouldn’t do so had to pay consequences.

There was many nights she couldn’t speak to the family or anything . At age 15 Alexis sat in Dan st for year just to be charged as an adult for murder and robbery all because the man who was sex trafficking her was killed and she had something to do with it . Not only did the same judge sentence my sister but the same judge had just let this man out three months before his murder for sex trafficking.

My sister was a victim but was also his last victim .. He told everyone this was his adopted daughter but when No one was around him and his 18 year old brother had her doing everything drugs , dancing & randomly sleeping with different men .