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Two Justice Systems in The United States of America

Two Justice Systems in The United States of America… One for the RICH and Well Connected… another for Everyone Else

Cyntoia Brown: Sex Trafficking VICTIM Must Serve 51 YEARS Before She’s Eligible For Release. Jeffrey Epstein, Billionaire Serial Sexual ABUSER. Served 13 MONTHS For Molesting Underage Girls. Francis Maxwell Exposes The Two Justice Systems In This Country.

Sentenced at Age 17 for up to 70 Years

Dontie Mitchell was only 17 when he was sentenced as an adult to spend up to 70 years in prison — his story will make you question the way our justice system treats young, Black boys.

Dontie is now advocating for prisons to provide rehabilitation for teenage offenders.  Dontie Mitchell was a first-time offender for a crime he committed at 17 — but was still sentenced as an adult to 35-70 years in prison. His sentence is comparable to that of a murderer, although no one was murdered in his crime.

He’s now spent over half his life in prison and isn’t eligible for parole for another 6 years. Mitchell had a difficult childhood — he witnessed abuse, his father wasn’t around and his mother was addicted to drugs. He was removed from his mother’s care at 11 and spent time in various foster homes before aging out of the system. After moving in with his aunt, he was introduced to concept of crime and begin trying out robberies with his cousin. He then held up a McDonalds using two guns, and was given the maximum sentence for the crime when he was caught. His sentence was later reduced to between 25 and 50 years because of state sentencing laws.

He is now suing the governor and the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, saying the prison system hasn’t done enough in terms of treatment for juvenile offenders with long prison sentences. With 6 years left in his sentence, he has applied to the governor’s office for early release through clemency.

17 Year-old Girl Sentenced to Life for Killing Abuser

Girl sentenced to life in prison for role in murder at Akron drug, prostitution house

AKRON, Ohio — A judge sentenced a 17-year-old girl to life in prison Tuesday for helping a group kill a man who ran a house described as a den of drugs and under-aged prostitution. Alexis K. Martin of Canton was sentenced by Summit County Common Pleas Judge Tom Parker in the November 2013 death of 35-year-old Angelo Kerney.

Alexis k Martin was convicted of murder robbery & many other charges at only the age of 15 … She was sex traffic , rapped , drugged & many other things by a 36 year old man . Was forced to have sex with many men & women & when she wouldn’t do so had to pay consequences.

There was many nights she couldn’t speak to the family or anything . At age 15 Alexis sat in Dan st for year just to be charged as an adult for murder and robbery all because the man who was sex trafficking her was killed and she had something to do with it . Not only did the same judge sentence my sister but the same judge had just let this man out three months before his murder for sex trafficking.

My sister was a victim but was also his last victim .. He told everyone this was his adopted daughter but when No one was around him and his 18 year old brother had her doing everything drugs , dancing & randomly sleeping with different men .

Republicans Have Weaponized the Criminal Justice System

Inhumane Treatment of Women in United States Prisons

I was sentenced 78 months to serve at a federal prison for a white-collar crime. I left home a healthy single mother of two sons, not ever experiencing any serious illnesses. I was a registered nurse who had achieved 3 secondary degrees. I was homeowner and a successful business entrepreneur.

I was also six weeks pregnant. Anytime I was transported, I was chained at my ankles with another chain around my waist that bound my hands in front of my belly.

While shackled, forced to step up into a van, I fell. A couple days later I begin spotting with streaks of blood, which I reported immediately to the medical staff. They instantly informed me they had “no” means of caring for me and would need approval from the US Marshals to take me to the ER. The turnaround time for approval ended up being 4 weeks. At that point, it was no longer an “emergency,” so I was turned away from the ER — I then required a second approval for an obstetrician, which took 4 more weeks. A total of four requests were made, each taking 4 weeks, while I was placed in solitary confinement for “medical observation.”

I ended up miscarrying at approximately 20 weeks without any formal or proper prenatal care. While I was miscarrying, I lay wet in a pool of blood, curled up from excruciating pain, in complete darkness, locked in a cell until an officer made rounds. I suffered the entire miscarriage shackled to the bed. When asked, the officers told the nurse and myself that the linen which contained my unborn child had been thrown in the trash.

I had no privacy. Male officers were at my bedside 24hrs observing my nakedness and any treatment given to me. I received no counseling, nor had any opportunity to grieve my miscarriage. I was relocated to another facility where again, I was placed in solitary confinement for a month. Solitary is being locked in a 6’ by 9’ room with a bed, toilet, sink, and no window for 23 hours a day. For women in prison, stories like mine are a lot more common than you would think.

Women are the largest growing prison population. Our federal and private prisons are not equipped to give women the medical care they need, especially when pregnant. We need to ban the shackling and solitary confinement of pregnant women in prison. The Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act, a bill currently being considered in Congress, would stop those things.

The Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act, will help mothers keep strong relationships with their children by providing parenting classes, prohibit charging for phone calls, and make video-conferencing available free of charge. It will even create an overnight visit pilot program for children and parents.

Please sign my petition asking Congress to pass the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act.

Thank you,
Pamela Winn
This petition will be delivered to:

U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives

COMMENT: The above is another example of what a HORRIBLE mess our “Justice” system is and how screwed up our government is thanks to REPUBLICANS.

Democrats want to make changes to reform our justice system but are being blocked by heartless Republicans who only care about PROFITS from incarcerating as many people as possible in FOR-PROFIT Prisons.

21 Years for Crimes She Did Not Commit

“Tyra Patterson has been incarcerated for 21 years for crimes she did not commit. I was one of the jurors who voted to convict her of a robbery that ended in the shooting death of Michelle Lai in 1994. But new evidence surfaced that shows me the verdict was wrong. Tyra is innocent and Ohio Governor Kasich should take action to release her from prison immediately.

I had serious doubts about Tyra’s guilt at the time I voted to convict her. I could tell she wasn’t really a part of the group that committed the crimes — she had just found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. But we didn’t have the proof to back up my instinct.

It turned out the evidence existed — it just wasn’t presented at trial. For example, as a juror I did not know that Tyra called 911 after the shooting to get help or that one of the victims had testified at an earlier trial that a co-defendant — not Tyra — had committed the robbery that Tyra had confessed to. Knowing that now makes me believe that the “confession” Tyra made was false.

Her lawyers never told us about the concept of false confessions. I wish they had”.

After 2 years and 237,249 people signing this petition, the Ohio Parole Board has granted Tyra parole on or after December 24, 2017.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has failed to grant her clemency.

This is another example of what a screwed-up mess our “Justice” system and Government is.

You can click the photo below to view the original petition

Sign the Petition

Governor Kasich: Free Tyra Patterson



Clemency for Lori Kavitz serving 24 years

Sign the Petition

Lori Kavitz is a first time nonviolent drug offender who has already served 15 years. After her husband committed suicide, she eventually dated a man who brought drugs into her life.

Lori Kavitz is a first time nonviolent drug offender who has already served 15 years. After her husband committed suicide, she eventually dated a man who brought drugs into her life. When he was indicted, she was labeled as his assistant and held responsible for all his illicit actions, convicted of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, and sentenced to 24 years and 4 months — more time than her boyfriend and even his supplier.

Here’s what her Sentencing Judge, Mark Bennet, wrote about Lori in a letter to the Pardon Attorney’s office:

“Lori Clare Kavitz has earned, and in my opinion, absolutely deserves the privilege of clemency and in my respectful opinion should be immediately released to serve her term of supervised release. I personally assure you I will follow her closely on TSR to ensure she has earned this privileged and responds in the positive way I fully expect her to.

Finally, her sentence was a gross miscarriage of justice – and I was on that day, in that courtroom, in that hour embarrassed and ashamed to be a U.S. District Judge imposing such an unfair sentence. At that time I said on the record that her sentence was “idiotic, arbitrary, unduly harsh and grossly unfair.” I called it one of the most “unjust sentences I have been forced to impose.”

I beg you to urge the President to right this grave injustice that I was unable to. I would at least be able to know as my career winds down that President Obama, albeit it years after the fact, brought a measure of justice and mercy that the Constitution allows him to do – that I was unable to give.”

Evidence Shows OJ Simpson Guilty of Murder

How O. J. Simspon Killed Nicole Brown Simpson


How to Absolutely Prove That O. J. Simpson Alone Killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman


Evidence Shows OJ Simpson was guilty of murder but found not guilty and is now a free man. This is the Epitome of what’s wrong with Our Justice System

Rarely-seen videotape of O.J. Simpson testifying under oath about his ex-wife Nicole has surfaced. The long lost tapes have been locked away for almost 20 years and are now coming to light on ABC’s 20/20


O.J. Simpson Found Liable for Murder in Civil Trial


Goldman family speaks out before OJ Simpson parole hearing


Unarmed Man Murdered: Killer Found Not Guilty

As shown in these videos, an Unarmed Black Man by the name of Philando Castile was shot & killed by a cop and our “Justice System” found the killer Not Guilty

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wants to Lock Up More US Citizens

Sessions issues sweeping new criminal charging policy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday that he has directed his federal prosecutors to pursue the most severe penalties possible, including mandatory minimum sentences, in his first step toward a return to the war on drugs of the 1980s and 1990s that resulted in long sentences for many minority defendants and packed U.S.


In this video, Republican Paul Ryan admits mandatory minimum sentences are a mistake and Criminal Justice reform is needed.


In the United States today we have more people in jail than any other country on earth. We are spending $80 billion a year to lock up 2.2 million Americans, disproportionately African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans. The number of incarcerated drug offenders has increased twelvefold since 1980. This is expensive and it is a waste of human potential. We must end the over-incarceration of nonviolent Americans who do not pose a serious threat to our society.

The “Tough on Crime” and “War on Drugs” policies have been a disastrous failure yet Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Republicans want to continue and expand on this failure.

By directing his federal prosecutors to charge drug crime defendants with the most serious, provable crimes carrying the most severe penalties, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is moving us backwards as a society.

This is yet another horrible consequence of Trump being elected President and Republicans gaining control of the US government.

This is another example of how Republicans pursue stupid policies which don’t work and how they pursue policies which are contrary to the will of the American people.


In this video, former Salt Lake City Mayor and 2012 Justice Party presidential candidate Rocky Anderson decries the horrific social and financial consequences of mandatory minimum sentencing laws, sharing the outrageous case of Weldon Angelos, condemned to spend 55 years in federal prison for non-violent drug offenses. Even the Republican judge in the case regarded the sentence as excessive, and called upon President Obama to release Angelos.

Rocky also issues a call to arms for citizens to write to the president and their local congressional representatives, calling for the commutation of Angelos’ sentence and to overturn these counterproductive and costly mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

57 percent of Americans supported legalizing marijuana in 2016 compared to just 52 percent of the country in 2014. Support for legal cannabis has been steadily increasing among Americans since 2006 when it reached 35 percent.

Although support for legalizing medical and adult use of pot has differed over the years among political affiliations, in 2016, 63 percent of Democratic voters and 63 percent of independent voters said they “think marijuana should be legal.” Although just 40 percent of Republicans backed legalizing marijuana—up just one percent from 2014’s 39 percent—support for the plant has continued to increase among the party since its lowest number, 12 percent, in 1990.

Until and unless “Average Joe” Americans stop voting for Republicans, our Justice System will remain broken and Republicans will make sure more people are incarcerated than any other country on this planet.


Video title: Fight for Criminal Justice Reform

Weldon Angelos received a 55 year mandatory minimum sentence for selling marijuana, a sentence even his judge opposed. After serving 13 years, he was freed last year after bipartisan lawmakers, his judge, and his family worked together to reduce his sentence.

Now, Weldon is using his story to stop mandatory minimum sentences. Sign his petition here: