United States Prisons are Inhumane

Those who believe the United States is the greatest country on earth need to see the above video.

After 30 years of being Tough on Crime in the U.S., no other nation incarcerates more of its citizens than we do. We have five percent of the world’s population, but 25 percent of its prisoners. The cost of housing all those inmates: $80 billion a year.

60 Minutes visited several German prisons and were amazed how laid back everybody seemed at each of them — prisoners and guards. Heidering Prison outside Berlin is as clean and bright as a Google campus. The prison is surrounded by fences, not walls, so inmates can see the outside world.

There is no death penalty.

Life inside prison mirrors life outside as much as possible. Germans call it “normalization.” It starts with small prison populations. Low-level offenders get fines or probation. Prison is reserved for the worst of the worst — murderers, rapists, career criminals.  Cells have doors, not bars. It’s for privacy. Inmates can decorate as they please.

In Germany, 75 percent of lifers are paroled after 20 years or less.

United States Prisons should be Humane like Germany’s